Inclusivity at East Ridge

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At East Ridge we are includers. We hold strong to the belief that every student, of all abilities, backgrounds and identities should be included in all aspects of our community. This means that students of all abilities learn in classrooms alongside one another and play and share together at recess, at lunch, in activities and events. At East Ridge we also realize that inclusion is best achieved through an intentional approach.

Several years ago, parents, teachers, staff and administration came together to visualize, plan and take action on an ongoing list of intentions that would truly provide inclusive opportunities for our students. Currently, this list includes the advocacy and building of an inclusive playground, the offering of alternative recess activities that promote social skills and community building with an indoor Game Room run by parent volunteers and student Game Masters that are trained in peer conflict resolution for both indoor and outdoor recess time. We have started building a Social and Emotional Learning library rich with resources for parents, teachers, staff and students.

For the past two years, the Inclusion committee has also provided teachers and staff with back-to-school kits that provide social and emotional learning tools that help support culturally responsive and inclusive classrooms and for the first time ever, this year, we will offer a Cultural Night where we will provide an intentional space for the representation of all voices and where all students and families will be encouraged to share their stories and traditions.

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