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Upcoming Events

ERPTA Pajama Party Auction
Save the Date!

East Ridge PTA is hosting a Pandemic Pajama Party and Virtual Auction that will run from Friday, December 4 to Monday, December 7, ending with a live virtual event from 6:30-7:30 pm on 12/7. Check out the Auction's page for more info!





Thanks to a generous grant from PTA, our school now has a bike rack! It is located to the right of the main gym/office front doors. 

Students riding a bicycle to school, where/when it is safe to do so, creates greater transportation flexibility for families, allows students to exercise greater independence and promotes positive physical health. 

We believe families should carefully consider their potential biking routes, their student’s ability, and their safety preparations before allowing their child to bike to school. We do not recommend students under 10 years old be allowed to ride their bikes to school.

Parents and guardians are responsible for their child if they ride to and from school. Bicycle maps are available to help determine the safest route. 

Elementary students and families should complete a Bike to School Consent Form prior to biking to school. Forms are also available at the link above or in our school office. Elementary students should also complete a bicycle safety course prior to riding to school. These free courses students basic safety skills necessary to navigate roads and public areas that are aligned to Washington State codes.
Parents and guardians assume all risks associated with their student riding a bicycle to school, including injury, loss, damage, and theft of the bicycle and helmet. District staff will not be responsible or held accountable for safeguarding a student’s personal property.

All of the above information is available on the district website: https://www.nsd.org/schools/get-started/getting-to-school/biking-to-school


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Parking lot safety

East Ridge has painted new lines in the pickup area to both streamline pickup and increase safety.

  • If you're a parent waiting for your child, please wait in the area zoned off in teal.
  • Once you have your child, go to the crosswalks to re-enter the parking lot. Stay behind the yellow line until our parking lot attendants to wave you across safely.
  • Children who are waiting car pickup will all stand along the black line until their pickup car is fully stopped and ready to open its doors.
  • And as always, please don't go over 5 miles an hour ever when in the parking area.



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Don't forget:
- Our parking lot traffic is a one way lane.
- ALWAYS use a crosswalk to cross in parking lot, whether you're alone or with your kid(s).
- SLOW DOWN. The Speed limit is 25 mph on Saybrook and 216th Ave NE. The school zone speed limit is 20 mph and the parking lot speed limit is 5 mph.
At pick-up and drop-off please:
- Pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD continuously so there are no gaps.
- Put down the cellphone.
- Do NOT get out of your car.
- Do NOT cut in line.
- Do exactly as instructed by parking lot volunteers.
- Make sure to go around the parking lot to the end of the pickup line, especially when coming in from Saybrook.


Background Checks

Background checks must be filled out yearly and are required before you start! Click here to find out more and initiate the process.

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