That’s right! Your On-Line Scholastic Fall Book Fair starts Monday, November 23!  It will last for two full weeks to Dec. 6.

Family Time spent together with Books is Quality Time! J

Just click the link below * or search “Find a Scholastic Book Fair” and enter “East Ridge” to get to our Scholastic Book Fair Home Page where you can shop for more than 6,000 items!!! If you purchase more than $25, Scholastic will ship the books FREE, directly to your home (standard delivery time is approximately 7-10 days after the order is submitted). Our Scholastic home page will be: *

Did you know? HALF of our total sales will go right back into the library so we can add more great new books to our school library collection for our students to check out and enjoy.

Uh . . . Teachers love receiving The Best Holiday Gift: new books for their classroom!

Important:  Two ways that East Ridge Families can contribute to great causes during the Book Fair using Scholastic’s convenient eWallet feature.                     Uh . . . Did we mention that Teachers LOVE receiving THE BEST Holiday Gift Ever Invented: new books for their classroom!

  • Your Teacher: You can donate dollars into teacher eWallets that will allow teachers to buy books they select from their classroom wish list they create while browsing the book fair. (See Uh . . .  the fine print above. J)
  • Kids at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital: We have set up an eWallet on our book fair site called “Seattle Children's Hospital East Ridge Donation Donate Funds for Books” (😁 specific wording needed to function on Scholastic site and Twitter). You can contribute to this eWallet and Mr. C. will use the entire donation amount to select quality books from the Book Fair to deliver to Children’s Hospital for kids there getting long-term treatment. We hope you can join our families in contributing to this eWallet:

(just ignore the top section where it says “Grade” and “Kindergarten”, see 😁 above)


THANK YOU for your great support of the East Ridge Library through our annual Fall Book Fair!

~Your ER Elem. 2020 Book Fair Coordinators: Rick Cissna, Kristy Gardner & Alyssa Robbins

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