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23rd-1/3 Winter Break
8th PTA Board Meeting, 9:25am Room 11
13th 5th Grade Spelling Bee
17th Movie Night
20th Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No School
27th Non-Student Day
31st "Be the Change" Assembly honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. 3:10pm in the gym
4th "Be the Change" Assembly honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. at 7pm
5th PTA Board Meeting, 9:25am Room 11
17th Presidents' Day, No School
17th-21st Mid-Winter Break
25th General Membership Meeting, 6pm, Library
4th PTA Board Meeting, 9:25am Room 11
21st-22nd School Musical Performance
27th School Dance, 6-8pm
TBD Spelling Bee, Grades 3&4, 3:40-5pm
TBD Spelling Bee, Grades 1&2, 3:40-5pm
1st PTA Board Meeting, 9:25am Room 11
6th-10th Spring Break
21st PTA General Membership Meeting, 7pm
28th Science Fair
1st BE Community Auction, McMenamins
4th-8th Staff Appreciation Week at East Ridge
6th PTA Board Meeting, 9:25am Room 11
15th - 17th PTA Convention, Lynnwood
18th-20th Camp Cedar Springs, 5th grade
22nd Vacation Day/Emergency makeup day
25th Memorial Day, No School
29th Art Walk
3rd PTA Board Meeting, 9:25am Room 11
9th PTA General Membership Meeting, 2:30pm Library
TBD Volunteer Tea (school event) - Golden Acorn announcement
17th Field Day, afternoon
18th Last Day of School!


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