Space Pirates! FAQs



What are the dates for the performances?

  • There will be 3 performances total; two on Saturday, March 9th and one in the late afternoon on Sunday, March 10th. Performance times will be finalized before registration opens.
  • Cast and crew must perform in both the Saturday and Sunday performances to be eligible to be in the musical. If your child is not able to perform both of those days; please do not register them.



Who will my kids be working with this year?

  • Rehearsals will be led by the following volunteers:
    • Lori Burkman is returning as Artistic Director.
    • Anna Collins is our new Music Director.
    • Terri Kashi is returning as Production Assistant
  • Mitch Zimberg is our Stage Crew Director and will be overseeing backstage coordination.
  • Ghladyst Chia is our Producer with Wendi Carter as Assistant Producer.
  • Maria Faulhaber and Kari Fink will be heading up costumes. They are looking for additional costume leads.
  • Heather Burke, Danielle Wheeler, and Christine Morse are heading up sets and props.



How can my kids participate in the musical?

  • The musical is open to East Ridge 1st - 5th graders whose parents are members of the PTA.
  • Due to limited space, we are only able to take 100 kids for the cast (1st - 5th grades) and 12 kids for stage crew (4th - 5th grades).
    • Cast will consist of: 10 first graders; 10 second graders; 25 third graders; 25 fourth graders; and 30 fifth graders.
    • Stage crew: 12 fourth to fifth graders.
  • Cast members will rehearse one day a week: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays with rehearsals starting on Dec 4th for fourth and fifth graders. Lower grades can anticipate starting in January.
  • If your child is unavailable one of the weekly rehearsal days due to a pre-existing conflict (such as a weekly practice for sports or music instruction)—you can indicate this in the availability portion of the registration packet. We will do all we can to accommodate each child’s availability when we assign roles—but due to the size of the cast and general constraints of scheduling, we cannot guarantee that your child won’t be assigned a role that rehearses on a day with your listed conflicts. To ensure your child is able to accept their assigned role in the musical, we recommend not planning activities that would create a conflict on one of our three rehearsal days.



How do I register?

  • Online registration opens on Monday, October 29th at 8:00 PM and closes on Tuesday, October 30th at 8:00 PM.
  • Make sure to you 1) are a PTA member and 2) have created an online account for before. Click here to join if you haven’t before.
  • The registration buttons for Cast or Stage Crew at the bottom of the registration page will be visible before registration begins but will only start to function when registration opens.
  • Registering for the musical does not guarantee your child a spot in the cast or crew; it is solely an application of intent.
    • When you submit your registration, your entry is electronically time-stamped.
    • Children for each grade will be added to the official musical or stage crew rosters in the order in which their registration was received.
    • After the available slots per grade are filled, all subsequent names will be put on the waitlist in the order in which each applicant’s registration was received.
    • Registration packets consisting of the behavior contract other information will be sent home with the cast and crew who aren’t on the waitlist on November 1st. Each packet and registration fee must be turned in by November 5th to reserve cast and crew spots.
    • Children on the wait lists will be notified later if they are able to join the cast or crew due to registration packets not being turned in on time or kids/parents changing their minds.



What are the expected costs/contributions for my child’s participation in the Musical?

  • Enrollment Fee:
  • $70: 1st - 3rd grades
  • $80: 4th - 5th grades
  • $20: stage crew (for 4th - 5th grades ONLY)
  • Provide basic costume elements such as undershirts, leggings, solid pants, and shoes.


The registration fee funds the overhead of the musical: purchasing the musical rights, printing production materials, making the costumes, renting the performances venue, paying the WHS tech crew, building and painting the sets & props, printing the programs, and providing a Space Pirates t-shirt for each cast and stage crew member.


No East Ridge volunteers are paid for their time or talent contributions so please keep in mind that all they do is a gift to you and your children.



When is the enrollment fee due?

  • The enrollment fee is due when you return the acceptance packet which is due Monday, November 5th.
  • Make checks payable to East Ridge PTA.
  • Failure to turn in the necessary documents and participation fee will result in the loss of the child’s spot in the musical.
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • Half scholarships are available for those who qualify. Please contact Rae Ann Jordan.



When are the workshop and auditions? (4th/5th only)

  • There will be a workshop for 4th and 5th graders on Wednesday, November 7th to help the kids familiarize themselves with the musical and prepare for auditions.
  • Auditions are held on two separate days: Friday, November 9th and Tuesday, November 13th.
  • The audition process is not only for those who want leads; it is a chance to get to know all of our 4th and 5th graders, talk to them about their goals and needs, and help us cast them in roles in which they will feel confident. If a child does not come to auditions, they will be automatically cast in a "4th/5th ensemble role" with no spoken or solo singing lines.
  • All children will be asked to sing in groups of 5-12 during auditions and will also perform small scenes from the musical. No child will be asked to sing by themselves if they do not want to have a singing solo. All children who wish to have a singing solo role (big or small) must be willing to sing by themselves during auditions.  
  • 4th and 5th grade students are not required to attend the workshop but it is highly recommended.



How are role assignments made?

  • All 1st - 3rd graders will be assigned ensemble roles based on their grade and availability. They do not attend the workshop or the auditions, nor do they have their own casting call (as was the case last year).
  • The ERPTA Musical Leadership Committee will cast each 4th and 5th grade student in a role based off the following criteria:
    • Strength as a performer
    • Attitude toward learning and teamwork.
    • Availability (i.e., we will do all we can to not assign kids to roles that rehearse on days that a child has indicated they have a conflict).
    • If a child indicates to us that they do not want a spoken or singing role, they will be automatically cast as “4th and 5th grade ensemble”.
  • Not having existing conflicts increases each child’s ability to be optimally cast.
  • To ensure your child can accept their assigned role in the musical, we recommend not planning activities that would create a conflict on one of our three rehearsal days.
  • Role assignments for 1st - 5th graders and their assigned rehearsal days will be announced on Monday, November 26th.



What are the parent volunteer requirements?

When you accept your child’s role in the cast or stage crew, you are also committing to be a parent volunteer.

  • Parents are required to volunteer a minimum of five (5) hours of their time. There are several ways to volunteer:
    • Be a rehearsal volunteer.
    • Provide production support on performance night.
    • Organize the PTA bake sale, ticket sales, program production, etc.
    • Assist with set building, prop creation, stage setup or teardown, costume design, make up, etc.
  • A parent or guardian for each child involved in the musical must attend the mandatory Space Pirates Cast, Crew, and Parent meeting in the school library on Thursday, November 29th.
  • A summary of volunteer positions will be sent out prior to the mandatory meeting to give you all a chance to plan ahead to sign up.
  • Volunteer positions will be explained and solicited at the mandatory meeting by each department. After these explanations, parents and guardians will be allowed to ask questions and browse and sign the sign-up sheets. We expect the volunteer requests to all be filled during this meeting so please come ready to commit!
  • Sign-up Genius links will be available on the Musical Website starting in December.



What do I need to know about rehearsal?

  • Rehearsals for 4th - 5th grades cast members will begin on December 4th, 2018.
  • Rehearsals for 1st - 3rd grades cast members will begin in 4th week of January 2019 (date will be announced after casting).
  • Stage crew meetings and rehearsals will start in January (dates and days TBA).
  • Rehearsals will take place on either Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, depending on the individual role.
  • You will need to sign your student out at the end of each rehearsal.
  • Please send your kids with a snack and a water bottle.



What do I need to know about runthroughs and tech week?

  • All runthroughs and dress rehearsals are mandatory for the full cast and stage crew. PLEASE DO NOT PLAN VACATIONS OR OTHER ACTIVITIES THAT WILL CONFLICT.
  • Runthrough and tech week dates are subject to change based on need, but you should clear your calendars and anticipate your child being available on the following dates.
    • Runthroughs will be held in the East Ridge Gym on February 26th, 27th, & 28th and March 5th
    • Tech week is Tuesday March 5th-Sunday March 10th
    • Our dress rehearsal will be performed for staff and faculty in the East Ridge Gym on March 6th. Parents are not allowed to attend the dress rehearsal.
    • Our stage rehearsal at WHS will be on March 8th. Parents are not allowed to attend the stage rehearsal.
    • Cast and crew must perform in both the Saturday and Sunday performances to be eligible to be in the musical. If your child is not able to perform both of those days; please do not register them.



What does the Stage Crew program look like this year?

  • Director: We’re excited to announce a totally revamped Stage Crew program this year with Mitch Zimberg joining our team as our Stage Crew Director! The knowledge we gained from last year has helped us develop new and interesting roles for our Stage Crew members. Feel free to contact Mitch directly with any questions related to the stage crew or back stage operations at 425-941-3599 or

  • Participation limits: The Stage Crew team is limited to 12 kids total and is only available to 4th and 5th graders.

  • Time commitment: In general, the Stage Crew team will meet 1-2 days a week starting in February, depending upon the individual kid’s assignment, availability, and preferences. You will be able to list the days your child is unavailable in the registration packet and that will be taken into account as assignments are given.

  • Applying for an assignment: Stage Crew members are required to write a letter of interest for their desired assignment. They will need to demonstrate to the Stage Crew Director that they are dedicated and have a strong desire to learn what is necessary to perform in their preferred assignment. Stage Crew members that do not demonstrate the level of commitment and ability that is required for a given assignment may be reassigned to another assignment.

  • Fee: The fee for Stage Crew is $20 and includes a promo poster and a T-shirt.


When not directly supporting the rehearsals, the entire Stage Crew will support and learn from the many “behind the scenes” departments such as Costumes, Sets, Props, and Backstage Coordination. On specialty days, Stage Crew Members will fulfill the following roles they have been assigned to: 

Director’s Assistants positions (up to 6 kids total):

General Responsibilities: Director’s Assistants will aid the Artistic and Music Director during rehearsals by filling in the roles of missing kids and helping demonstrate choreography. They will also mentor the younger performers by projecting a positive attitude and helping maintain focus. Additionally, Director’s assistants will be trained to perform the following focus positions during the runthroughs, dress and stage rehearsals, and performances:

  1. Stage Production Assistants (2 kids) – During performances, will help the parent volunteers at the stage sides to ensure that performers, props, sets, and other items are properly staged as the play progresses.

  2. Stage Technical Assistants (2 kids) – During performances, will wear a headset and relay information from the technical staff in the production box to the parent volunteers and Stage Production Assistants at the stage sides.

  3. Tech Box Assistants (up to 2 kids) – During performances, will assist the Tech / Lights Manager (a parent volunteer) and the Woodinville High School tech crew from inside the production box (if approved by Woodinville High School).

Sound / Light Techs (up to 3 kids) 

Stage Crew members in this assignment will be responsible for setting up the sound system and cueing the sound tracks during rehearsals. During performances, they will have the opportunity to assist the Woodinville High School tech crew at the sound board (if approved by Woodinville High School).

Scene Setters (3 to 6 kids) 

During rehearsals, Stage Crew members in this assignment will help set up the East Ridge gym as instructed by the Director and ensure that props are ready for the performers. During performances, they will arrange the sets and props between scenes.



How can I become a PTA member?

You can fill out a PTA enrollment form and return it with a payment to the office. 

You can print out the form HERE, or there're PTA enrollment printed forms in the school office. For more info or if you need PTA sponsorship, contact Mitch Zimberg at



For any additional questions, please contact the Musical Committee at the following email:


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