It's a wrap!

All of the kids (cast & stage crew) did marvelous jobs.
Thank you for participating in this year school musical, Space Pirates!

A ginormous thank you to everyone who made Space Pirates! performance a big success!

Thank you for all of our volunteers for giving countless hours of their times to help out with this production, without your help we couldn't make this happened.

Thank you to our sewing volunteers, our make up volunteers for their talents, without your helps the kids would not look as awesome as they were. 
Thank you to our stage wings parents, parents runners & parent helpers during the rehearsals and the performances for making sure the kids are at their right position at the right time and kept them entertained & intact while their waiting for their parts.
Thank you to our build set crews & taken it down crews, the stage wouldn't look awesome with your help and thank you for helping taken it down.
Thank you to our ushers for showing the guests where their seats are.
Thank you to our ticket sales people for helping people bought last minute tickets before the performances.
Thank you to our videographers and photographers.
Thank you to all of fantastic volunteers.
Thank you to all parents for making sure your kid(s) presents for their practices.

Thank you to Artistic Director, Musical Director, Producer, Production Assistant, Assistant Producer & Volunteer Coordinator, Backstage & Stagecrew Managers, Set & Props Team, Costume Co-Leads, Tech & Lights, Graphic Designer, T-shirt Coordinator, Makeup Coordinator, Finances, Secretary & House Managers.

Thank you to all of the volunteers' spouses too for their patience and understanding.

We ALL did an awesome & important job in this production. We couldn’t have done it without all of your help.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!




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