Our 2018-2019 season is complete and we're planning ahead for next year!

East Ridge musicals depend on volunteer leadership and we need your help. If you have any interest in filling one of the open roles you see, please email Lori Burkman at PlayMusical@erpta.org! We can always use co-leads in most any department so please reach out if you think you can help keep our program going even if you think a position that interests you might already be filled. Thanks.



Role Description  
Artistic Director May-Aug medium commitment. Aug-March heavy time commitment. Works with producer(s) with overhead. Works with music director to select the musical. Plans/shapes program arc overall. Delegates to and oversees other department heads as needed. Creates rehearsal schedule with music director. Runs the majority of all rehearsals. Choreographs, blocks, stages majority of musical. Leads communication with parents, leadership, and students. Must work well with children and have ample patience. 1-10 hours weekly May-August; 5-12 hours weekly Sept; 5-10 hours weekly October and November for registration, workshop, and auditions; 5-10 hours weekly December; 3 days a week for after school rehearsals (5ish hours) + 5-10 hours of weekly planning from Jan-March. Lori Burkman
Producer May-Aug medium commitment. Aug-March heavy time commitment. Works hand in hand with Directors. Facilitates, plans, schedules, and organizes the musical. Does not need to do financial or booking. Ensures musical is following all appropriate protocol as given by East Ridge, the PTA, and any facility we use. Keeps department heads informed and on track. Responsible for compilation and data entry of registration packets and contracts. Executes and facilitates needs of leadership and cast/crew. Present at rehearsals a plus, but not mandatory. 1-5 hours weekly May-Sept; 5-20 hours weekly October and November for registration, workshop, and auditions; 2-5 hours weekly December prepping for rehearsals; 5-15 hours of weekly planning from Jan-March. Hour requirements can be less depending on how other departments fill their roles. Ghladyst Chia
Musical Director May-Dec low-medium commitment. Jan-March medium to heavy time commitment. Helps select musical. Studies music and creates music plan for cast. Helps create rehearsal outline with director. Present at the majority of rehearsals. Must work well with kids and have ample patience. 1-10 hours weekly May-Sept; 5-10 hours weekly October and November for registration, workshop, and auditions; 5-10 hours weekly December prepping for rehearsals; 3 days a week for after school rehearsals (5ish hours) + < 5 hours of weekly planning from Jan-March. Can be combined with director role with enough production assistants. Anna Collins
Secretary/communication Medium commitment. Attend weekly or twice-monthly meetings. Take minutes during meeting and send to director/producer. Organize outlines and assist producer. Cassie Curry
Backstage and Stagecrew Manager Medium to high commitment. 2-5 hours weekly May-Sept; 5-10 hours weekly Oct-Nov; 10+ hours weekly Jan-March. Backstage orchestration point person; designing workflow and volunteer arrangements to ensure the show runs smoothly. Designs a stage crew program with director/producer. Be at several rehearsals in Februray and all in March to train stage crew and adult volunteers to be runners, prop leads, curtain leads, and assistants for the show. Schedule times with costume and set department heads to teach and give experience to stage crew in behind-the-scenes theater elements. Mitch Zimberg and Kristen Bero
Set and Props Lead Medium to high. Design completed by December. Props completed by February. Set completed by mid March. Must be fiscally responsible with tracking and reporting funds used. Travis and Heather Burke, Danielle Wheeler, Christine Morse. Seeking additional leads.
Costume Lead High commitment. One zillion hours. You will receive awe and praise for taking this on and it is merited. Okay but really: will meet with director in Sept for consult on desired theme/goals. Measurements can begin as early as November at the workshop. Host or co-host a costumes team meeting in december. Can seek support from leadership in assembling a sewing squad. Best if majority of costumes are completed by the first week of march. Responsible for some props. Responsible for sorting/maintaining/storing costumes after each musical season. Maria Faulhaber, seeking several leads
Production assistants Med-high commitment. Present at leadership meetings a bonus. Present at the majority of rehearsals. Learn the staging, music, blocking of musical well enough to step in for a full rehearsal if necessary (usually due to illness of others). May be asked to run stage right or stage left during performances. Open
Volunteer and Attendance Coordinator High commitment. Be present at majority of leadership meetings held weekly or twice-monthly. Organize sign up sheets for December parent meeting. Send out sign-up geniuses as needed. Chart who has filled volunteer requirements. Remind volunteers of commitments. Keep all clipboards up to date with necessary information for all volunteers. Be the main contact for health and emergency needs for cast. Be present 20 minutes before all rehearsals to inform volunteers of their roles, hand out clip boards, and fill in volunteer spots if needed. Check out children at the end of rehearsals. Can be combined with producer role. Open
Tech and lights Low commitment May-Dec. High commitment March. Design lighting cues and be the point person in the tech box during performances. Jenny Pinter
Tshirt Coordinator Compile list of sizes, work with graphic designer, and order/distribute cast Tshirts Annete Beaven
Makeup Manager This person does not need to be a beautician. Responsible for organizing the team of hair and makeup volunteers. Facilitates the process for setting up, sanitizing, and taking inventory of products. This position requires low-medium commitment from late February-March, high commitment tech week. Open
Graphic Designer Low commitment most of the time; Medium commitment for key periods. Produce original artwork as needed. Produce images that can be used for the poster, Tshirts, and program. Travis Beaven
Finances/booking Low to medium commitment. Forecasts and keeps budget. Processes reimbursements. Contacts and books school and performance venues. Works with producer and department heads. Kathryn Janecke
Ticketing Medium to high commitment Jan-March. Must attend leadership meetings starting in December. Either oversee general admission tickets and sales or create and run own program of priority seating. Ghladyst Chia
Backstage Hospitality Lead Medium commitment in March. Oversees entertainment and organization of the two backstage green rooms. Creates plan to attend to drink needs and bathroom needs of children. Creates plan to ensure all volunteers feel informed. Works with makeup manager and costumes to streamline backstage experience. Courtney Bookwalter
House Manager Medium commitment in March. Attend several leadership meetings. Attend runthroughs and tech week rehearsals. Oversee the house, usher program, check-in and check-out of cast. Be lead contact for facility and performances orchestration.  Open
Music Assistants Assist Music Director with their needs. Attend majority of rehearsals; must be willing to teach and lead children in music. Open
Directing Assistants Assist Artistic Director with their needs. Attend majority of rehearsals; must be willing to teach and lead children in both music and staging/acting. Open
Acting coach Teach specialized acting lessons for principal cast (or general cast) once or twice Open
Choreographer Medium commitment. Choreograph needed scenes with/for director. Be present at as many rehearsals as necessary to instruct cast. Open


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