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Congratulations on an amazing 2019 season of Space Pirates!

Looking forward to our 2020 season, right now we're waiting until September to get a confirmation that we've been able to book WHS again. Without a venue, we don't have a show! Until then we are selecting next year's musical and trying to find volunteers. If you have any questions, please reach out to Lori Burkman at musicaldirector@erpta.org.

At this point in time, we are lacking enough volunteer support to start a program for this year. Click on the graphic below to see which positions are open and sign up!

 Past ERPTA productions performed WHS: 

2019 2018

 Past ERPTA musicals performed at East Ridge:

Beauty and the Beast JR, 2017

Lion King JR, 2016

Peter Pan JR, 2015

And many more! We have a total of SEVENTEEN years of productions, with over 14,000 tickets sold, 2,000 costumes, and over 1,900 volunteers. This is a core program at East Ridge that inspires and educates at the same time. We're proud to carry that tradition on and we can't do it without YOU!



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