Thank you for the dedication of our 2018-2019 Golden Acorn winners!

Cari Johnson, Flic Chastney, Lori Burkman, and Mitch Zimberg

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East Ridge Elementary PTA

Mission and Goals

The mission of East Ridge Elementary PTA is to Enrich, Encourage, and Enlighten. 

East Ridge Elementary PTA has identified the following as membership goals:


To Build Community

  • Welcome Back Celebration, Family Program Nights, Emergency Prep, Sunshine Welcome Committee, School Beautification (Earth Club and Art Docent school projects), East Ridge Directory, ERPTA Newsletter, Yearbook/DVD, Website.

To Provide Educational Opportunities and Curriculum Support

  • Science to Go, Art Docent, Reflections Art Competition, 5th and 6th Grade Guitar (2016 - 2017), 4th Grade Social Studies Enrichment, Student Assemblies, Spelling Bee, Staff and Library Grants, Friends of the Library

To Recruit, Empower, and Reward our Volunteers (and ER Staff)

  • WA State and Northshore Council PTA Training, Volunteer Appreciation, Golden Acorn, and Staff Appreciation

To Grow Membership and Inform our Members of the Impact and Opportunities within PTA

  • Membership Campaign, ERPTA Newsletter, PTA General Meetings, PTA Board Meetings

To Advocate for our Children at our Local Unit, District, and State Level

  • Advocacy and Legislative Committee, Legislative Assembly, Washington State Convention, Focus Day, ERPTA Newsletter

To Provide Enrichment Programs and Events for our East Ridge Community

  • School Play, STEAM enrichment classes, Booked 4 Lunch, Field Day, Student Assemblies, Family Program Night, Reflections Art Competition, Grade-level Enrichment Scholarships, 5th and 6th Grade Graduation (2016 - 2017)

We will work toward meeting these goals through our programs, events, and efforts. Our desire is to use our resources, including financial and volunteer hours, to efficiently reach these goals through-out the year.



PTA Supported Programs

The East Ridge PTA funds nearly $30,000 worth of school programs each year (approximately $100 per student).  PTA Supported Programs include the only science (Science-to-Go) and art programs (Art Docent) offered at East Ridge, the Emergency Preparedness container required by the State, 5th & 6th grade guitar instruction, the Cedar and Salmon program for 4th graders, Spelling Bee’s, financial support for student assemblies, staff support fund and grants, the library grant, Welcome Back Celebration, Art Walk, Field Day and scholarships for student programs and/or events. 

The PTA relies on generous donations from our families to keep these programs in place and your donations fund nearly 50% of our budget.  Additionally, corporate matching and smaller fundraisers help to generate funds throughout the year.


Self-Supporting Programs

These programs raise their own funds through program fees and are expected to operate on an approved and balanced budget, but they do rely on PTA overhead and resources. These programs include the school play, after school enrichment classes, spirit wear, Mariner’s Day and the Yearbook.


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