ERPTA Board/Committee Positions Description




The president is responsible for the operations of the PTA in accordance with the WA State PTA Uniform Bylaws and the PTA Standing Rules. The president presides at all executive, board of director and general PTA meetings. The president prepares the agenda for meetings, with input from others.

Other responsibilities include:

• Reaching out to involve all parents in PTA.

• Fill vacancies on the Board and in other volunteer positions, with input from executive committee.

• Ensure good communication throughout PTA.

• Meet regularly and work closely with principal.

• Communicate with, support and empower PTA volunteers.

• Ensure that PTA books are audited mid-year and at year-end. 


Vice President

The vice president will stand in for the president if the president is unavailable or in the event the president steps down. Other responsibilities are specific and adaptable to the local unit and may include helping with some of the president responsibilities. 



The Secretary shall take notes for all PTA meetings (about two meetings per month):

• General Membership Meetings • Board of Directors • Executive Committee

Other responsibilities include:

• Secures PTA room reservations with the school district.

• Send email reminders for Exec Committee and Board of Directors meetings.

• Catalogue all of the meeting minutes in notebooks.

• Be familiar with the Standing Rules for the PTA in case of questions. • House all of the records for the PTA either at home or filed in the PTA office at the school.

• Keep the notebook with all the legal documents readily accessible.




  •  Must be a member of ERPTA.
  • Must complete annual training.

 Basic Functions:

  • Serves as chief elected financial officer, representing the entire membership and the best interests of the association.
  • Maintains open communication and exercises personal leadership in the motivation of other officers, board members, and the membership at-large.
  • Participates in monitoring and evaluating organizational performance and effectiveness. Works in partnership with the President and other Board Members.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority:

  • Attends meetings of the board of directors;
  • Reviews financial information and provides reports to the board of directors;
  • Submits for adoption a proposed budget to the General Membership Meeting;
  • Signs checks in conjunction with the other elected official representatives on the bank account signature card;
  • Supports policies, programs, projects, and activities adopted by the board of directors;
  • May be assigned to monitor tasks associated with the WSPTA strategic plan. Will report progress to
  • the board of directors;
  • Represents the association to other organizations, as requested by the president;
  • Provides written and oral reports to the board of directors; and
  • Acts as a support mentor to other board members, as assigned by the president.
  • Completes all tasks and responsibilities as identified in the ERPTA Standing Rules.


  • Responsible to the board of directors and to the membership for ensuring that programs and policies of the association reflect the needs of the association.
  • Consults regularly with the board and members of the WSPTA.
  • Consults with the President on all matters pertaining to association finances, law, and policies.



VP of Communications & Publications

  • Attend every monthly ERPTA Board Meeting and general meetings.
  • Take notes on important stuffs eg. fundraising, events, etc.
  • Manage and update on both ERPTA FB group and website regularly. Remember: not everyone has Facebook.
  • Send out ERPTA newsletter couple of days after every board meeting to PTA members. Send to co-Presidents for final preview, before send out to all members
  • Make registration page on ERPTA website for enrichment after school classes & keep track of the registration. Work together with VP Programs.
  • Assigned and manage ERPTA emails to ERPTA Board/Committee people. 
  • Do not post any pictures of the students on any of social media platforms.


  • Recruit members
  • Record & update member information
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Keep records


VP Programs

  • Curates and runs afterschool enrichment programs, including but not limited to contracting program vendors, finding room availability, handling communication with parents and finding volunteers for classes.


VP Fundraising

Fundraising will work to develop and plan fundraising activities. This person will work to build relationships and explore new fundraising ideas.

Responsibilities include:

• Serve on the Board of Directors (approx. 1 meeting per month).

• Play a key role in building a fundraising plan for the PTA;

• Balance time/cost/effort to focus efforts upon the most appropriate and efficient fundraising activities with the highest chance of success;

• Raise awareness of the PTA;

• Look at the possibility of getting grants when criteria match the PTA's projects and activities;

• Monitor income and expenditure against targets and budgets.



Reflections is an art program that runs in the fall - September to early November.  The Reflections chair will send out information and application forms in late September.  Students will submit art to the coordinator by the coordinator's due date.  Coordinator will upload information into the Reflections database after all art is collected, and package up the art, and drop off to the Northshore PTA chair by their due date.  Coordinator can have weekly meetings during lunch recess to go over the rules of the program with the students and/or allow students to work on their pieces.  Time commitment is low.  Program can be as big or as small as the Coordinator has time for.  ( Kristen Bero can train for next year)

Staff Appreciation

The Staff Appreciation role is responsible for giving back to the staff in various ways to show our appreciation for all that they do. Activities have included, but are not limited to the following:
  • Back to School Luncheon
  • Staff Appreciation Week
  • Monthly tokens such as gifts, treats, or a potluck.
A budget is provided by the PTA. 

Volunteer Coordinator

Communicate volunteer needs and assist in finding volunteers.
  • Set up and maintain a schedule of volunteers.
  • Work closely with principal, office manager and PTA president.
  • Serve on the Board of Directors (approx. 1 meeting per month).

PTA Legislative Chair

Responsible for demonstrating leadership on children’s issues at the local level by educating PTA members, community members and elected officials about PTA’s issues of concern and legislative priorities and goals.


Provide/organize light food and beverages for monthly PTA board meetings, bi-monthly general membership meetings, November Veteran's Reception, Welcome Coffee dates in September, and as needed throughout the year. (Purchases reimbursed by the PTA hospitality budget)

Kindergarten Summer Playdates

Organize few play dates during summer for upcoming ER Kindergartners.

Box Tops  

  • Run 2 collection drives each year (October and spring).
  • Arrange clipping, sorting and mailing of Boxtops twice a year.
Additional roles:
Spirit Wear, ER Times Newspaper, Art Docent, Spelling Bee, Yearbook, Booked 4 Lunch, Inclusivity Chair, Watch DOGS, Emergency Prep, Book Fair, Directory, Musical leadership, Earth Club
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