2018 - 2019 East Ridge PTA Board Members


Executive Board    
Co-President Cassie Curry & Lillie Linville president@erpta.org
Secretary Shannon Naugle secretary@erpta.org
Treasurer Julie Beard treasurer@erpta.org
VP Comm./Publication Ghladyst Chia vpcommunications@erpta.org
Co-VP Events Flic Chastney & Danielle Rank vpevents@erpta.org
VP Fundraising Terri Kashi vpfundraising@erpta.org
VP Programs AnnMarie Campbell vpprograms@erpta.org
Standing Committee Chairs    
Special Ed/Inclusivity Chair Tanya O'Rourke inclusivity@erpta.org
Membership Mitchell Zimberg membership@erpta.org
Hospitality Sydney Gingell hospitality@erpta.org
Committee Chairs    
Art Docent Co-Chair Heather Burke & Danielle Wheeler artdocent@erpta.org
Auction Co-Chair Cassie Curry & Maria Faulhaber  
Book Fair Diane Brandt  bookfair@erpta.org 
Booked 4 Lunch Holli Bieler booked4lunch@erpta.org
Box Tops Kristin Capps boxtops@erpta.org
Directory Ghladyst Chia  vpcommunications@erpta.org 
Earth Club Flic Chastney earthclub@erpta.org
Emergency Prep Michael Roessler emergencyprep@erpta.org
ER Times Newspaper    
Friends of the Library/Birthday Book Club    
Kindergarten Summer Playdates Carlie Fitzpatrick kindergartenplay@erpta.org
Language Chair    
Legislative Representative Lillie Linville legislativechair@erpta.org
Reflections Kristen Bero reflections@erpta.org
School Musical Director Lori Burkman playdirector@erpta.org
School Musical Producer Ghladyst Chia playproducer@erpta.org
Spelling Bee Kristen Bero spellingbee@erpta.org
Spirit Wear    
Staff Appreciation Julie Even staffappreciation@erpta.org
Volunteer Coordinator    
Watch DOGS    
Yearbook/DVD Daniela Stewart yearbook@erpta.org
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