Dear Giants in the Sky community, 

The musical leadership is extremely saddened to have to announce that performances of our production are cancelled indefinitely. Should schools re-open and public health's trajectory change within this school year, we will reach out again at that time to discuss whichever paths are available. There are just too many factors in play to say what any of those might be right now, so this is our book end at present.

The one thing that IS for sure right now is that we had an amazing program this year. We're so sorry that all of our friends and loved ones won't get to see our cast and crew perform, but that doesn't diminish the fact that the kids overcame their fears, laughed, played, learned, grew, created, and performed with heart and soul weekly for months and that is truly the purpose of this program. Our rehearsal volunteers had just SO much fun and we'll keep these memories always and we hope you can relay to your kids how much their effort and friendship have meant to all of us.

Thank you to those who purchased presale tickets, your support of the PTA and this program has meant a lot. For those who would like a refund for your existing tickets purchases, please request one by emailing the PTA Treasurer Mitch Zimberg at These are unprecedented times so please know that we want anyone who seeks a refund to have one. Anyone who does not request a refund through the email above, your ticket sales amount will be used to support the existing costs of this year's program and ERPTA.

The T-shirts, a program, production-themed coloring pages, and posters for each child will be given to them when it is safe to do so. We're still in the process of collecting any pictures or videos that were taken during rehearsal and we will send out a link to cast and crew members of what we have soon.  

Since this will be our last email for a while, the included post-script is a list of those who made this program possible. They've all put in hours and hours volunteering this year and each deserve our deepest thanks.

We thank you for all you have given to this program and we can't wait to see you all again.

Warmest wishes,
The ERPTA Musical Leadership

Artistic Director and Producer Lori Burkman
Music Director Anna Collins
Backstage and Stagecrew Managers Mitch Zimberg and Kristen Bero
Set and Props Leads Heather Burke
Costume Leads Maria Faulhaber, Joan Quinonez, Katie Otto, Sara Chandler
Production Coordinators Dani Beresford, Tricia Ring, Ricki Cary, Royce Ring
Volunteer Coordinator AnnMarie Campbell
Ticketing Julie Young
Secretary/communication Cassie Curry
Tech and lights* Jenny Pinter
Tshirt Coordinator Annette Beaven
Budget Coordinator Sam Burkman
Graphic Designer Travis Beaven
Green Room Coordinator* Courtney Bookwalter
Videographer* Matt Martin-Vegue
3rd grade choreographer Heather Shult
Runners* Christine Morse, Cynthia Loland, Ricki Cary, Traci Morgen, Danielle Beresford, Kate Geissler, Tricia Ring, Lisa & Bradly Havens
Stage Wings*  Kristen Bero and Cassie Curry
Special thanks to Travis Burke, Cynthia Loland, Christine Morse, Cara Larsen, Sarah White, Tiana Shuford, Janie Anderson, Kris Held, Rae Shepherd, Marc King, and Josh Butchart. 
 *Committed and planned to help with performances



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Welcome to Giants in the Sky!

Due to school closures, ticket sales have been suspended 

Rehearsals will not be held if East Ridge is not holding school.

Click the links below to access your calendar!

Click here for a downloadable pdf of our full, inclusive calendar (subject to change).

Here are links to reference the stage crew contract and the cast contract.

If your 1st/2nd grade Wednesday Student Giant lost their page 48/49 insert, you can email Lori to request one.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Lori Burkman at 

Performances will be at the 
Woodinville High School Performing Arts Theater

Saturday, March 21st
at 11 AM and 3:00 PM

Sunday, March 22nd at 3:00 PM

Click below to stream the music on:
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Beat by Beat's site
About the show 
This magical story by Beat by Beat Press explores the world of Giants who live above the clouds and follows a group of adventurous giants who want to know more of the Earth below. While on Earth, they come across all kinds of new characters and together they learn about friendship, honesty, and what it takes to be a community. With a spectrum of fun broadway-styled songs, a rap battle or two, and some zany characters--this will be an experience your kids won't want to miss out on.


 Past ERPTA productions performed at WHS: 

2019 2018

 Past ERPTA musicals performed at East Ridge:

Beauty and the Beast JR, 2017

Lion King JR, 2016

Peter Pan JR, 2015

And many more! We have a total of SEVENTEEN years of productions, with over 14,000 tickets sold, 2,000 costumes, and over 1,900 volunteers. This is a core program at East Ridge that inspires and educates at the same time. We're proud to carry that tradition on and we can't do it without YOU!

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