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Upcoming Events

• School starts 9/4 and it's FULL DAY.

• Bus assignments will be available 8/27

• Teachers assignments arrive by USPS before 8/29. Don't ask the front office!



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 New school start and release times announced for East Ridge and our upper class schools! 

School Start  Dismiss Early Wednesdays
East Ridge 9:20 3:50 2:20
Timbercrest 8:40 3:15 1:45
WHS 7:30 2:35 1:05


Kindergarten Start 2019-2020 

The beginning of the 2019-2020 school year will be a “staggered start” for kindergartners.  In a staggered start, half of the students (those with last names A - J) attend school on September 9, and half (those with last names K - Z) on September 10.  September 11 will be the first day ALL kindergarten students attend together for the first time.  

New Staff Welcome to East Ridge

Please join us in welcoming these new staff to East Ridge for 2019-20 school year:

  • Kris Held, Office Manager
  • Madison Petersen, Kindergarten
  • Molly Murdock, 1st grade
  • Katie Morris, 2nd grade
  • Marilee Clobes, part time Music
  • Heidi Jones, part time PE
  • Carol Michel, School Psychologist
  • Heather Ullrich, Speech/Language Pathologist
  • Johanna Brugman, Occupational Therapist
  • 3rd grade teaching interns: Steven Sager (w/Emmy Hager) and Stephanie Donohoe (w/Jenny Sullivan) 

Class Assignments

You should expect to receive your child’s teacher/ class assignment via US mail prior to our Meet the Teacher date on 8/29. Please do not ask for this information in advance, and please do not call the office for this information. (Families who do not receive their letter by 8/29 may stop in at the office prior to Meet the Teacher to get their placement information.)

Bus Information

NSD Transport's Page says Bus stop information will NOT be made available until August 27th 2019

Free and Reduced Meal Plan 

Don't forget to apply for Free & Reduced-Priced Meals for this upcoming school year. To apply, click HERE.

Registration for Elementary Band & Orchestra is open!

This is a comprehensive music program for students who will be in 4th and 5th grade next year. The program is free for all Northshore students.

Click here to learn more and register.

August Office Hours at East Ridge: 8:30 - 3:30 pm

Our building is still under construction. If you need to stop by the office, please use caution when parking and entering the main office. All other entrances to campus and all other parts of campus are closed to staff, families, and visitors.  


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Reminder: our parking lot traffic is one way lane (see the image below).

Safety First!
- ALWAYS use a crosswalk to cross in parking lot, whether you're alone or with your kid(s).
- SLOW DOWN. Speed limit is 25 mph on Saybrook and 216th Ave NE. School zone speed limit is 20 mph and parking lot speed limit is 5 mph.
- Do NOT drop off your kid(s) before 8:40 AM.


At pick-up and drop-off lane, remember:
- Pull ALL THE WAY FORWARD continuously so there are no gaps.
- Put down the cellphone.
- Do NOT get out of your car.
- Do NOT cut in line.
- If you're coming in during pick up time from Saybrook and there are cars waiting on the left side of the parking lot/ the car line is at fire hydrant (cross walk), please go around the parking lot.
- Move swiftly.

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