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What are the dates for the performances?

  • There will be 3 performances total:

    Saturday, March 21st at 11 AM and 3:00 PM

    Sunday, March 22nd at 3:00 PM

  • Cast and crew must perform in both the Saturday and Sunday performances to be eligible to be in the musical. If your child is not able to perform both of those days; please do not register them.

 What kind of role can my child anticipate based on their grade?

  • 1st-3rd graders are ensemble roles that sing in big groups but have no solo parts. They often are in less scenes than 4th and 5th graders, but are for sure in at least 2 scenes.
  • 4th and 5th graders are usually in at least 3 scenes and can choose to be ensemble, or can audition for solo speaking or singing lines.

Who will my kids be working with primarily?

  • Lori Burkman is the Director and will be at all weekly rehearsals (so all cast members, all scenes) and is also overseeing the overhead and organization structure.
  • Anna Collins is our Music Director and will be at all rehearsals working with all cast members.
  • Mitch Zimberg and Kristen Bero are heading up Stage Crew and will be overseeing that program and all backstage runners and orchestration.
  • Ricki Cary, Dani Beresford, and Tricia and Royce Ring will be assisting at one rehearsal a week as production coordinators.
  • Our sets lead is Heather Burke.
  • Our costume leads are Joan Quinonez, Sara Chandler, Katie Otto, and Maria Faulhaber.


How can my kids participate in the musical?

  • The musical is open to East Ridge 1st - 5th graders whose parents are members of the PTA.
  • Due to limited space, we are only able to take 100 kids for the cast (1st - 5th grades) and 12 kids for stage crew (4th - 5th grades).
    • Cast will consist of: 10 first graders, 15 second graders, 20 third graders, 25 fourth graders, and 30 fifth graders.
    • Stage crew: 12 fourth to fifth graders.
  • Cast members practice one day a week. Which day a child has practice is determined by the role in which they are cast. Practice days will most likely be Tuesday 3:50-5:30, Wednesday 2:20-4:30, and Thursday 3:50-5:30; with rehearsals starting the week of Jan 7th for fourth and fifth graders. Lower grades can anticipate starting in early February.
  • If your child is unavailable one of the weekly rehearsal days due to a pre-existing conflict (such as a weekly practice for sports or music instruction)—you can indicate this in the availability portion of the online information survey you'll fill out after being accepted into cast or crew. We will do all we can to accommodate each child’s availability when we assign roles—but due to the size of the cast and general constraints of scheduling, we cannot guarantee that your child won’t be assigned a role that rehearses on a day with your listed conflicts. To ensure your child is able to accept their assigned role in the musical, we recommend not planning activities that would create a conflict on one of our three rehearsal days.


How do I register?

Online registration opens on Monday Nov. 13th at 8pm online at the musical's page on Registration closes Nov 15th at noon.

  • It is ERPTA policy that to be able to participate in after school ERPTA programs, at least one parent must be a 2019 ERPTA member. There are scholarships available for PTA membership if needed, please inquire with the front office.
  • You do not need to be signed into your account on to register.
  • At 8pm on November 13th, the button at the top of the musical page will go live.
  • Refresh your browser until the button at the top of this page turns pink and displays the text "Registration is now open, click here!" to show it is active. Once it is active, press the button to launch your Intent to Register Form!
  • Your family will receive a time stamp upon initiating the Intent to Register Form (not upon its completion). This time stamp becomes part of our internal records and will be used for each potential cast or crew member in your family.
  • This form ONLY includes information necessary to create our cast and crew rosters and waitlists. Parents will be able to give a full account of  household information, emergency needs, scheduling conflicts, and much more in the information form that will be sent out by email to accepted cast and crew members.
  • Information put into this form is private and will solely be used by the ERPTA Musical Leadership.
  • You will not get an instant email confirmation that you have completed the intent to register. Emails confirming you've correctly finished the Intent to Register Form will be sent out in intervals during the registration window. If you do not get a confirmation that you completed the Intent to Register form within 24 hours of your submission, please email Lori Burkman at
  • After the Intent to Register Form closes at noon on Nov. 15th, children will be added to our cast according to the number of available spots in their grade and the time stamp on their application (first come, first served). Soon after, an email will go out to all applicants to inform them if they are accepted or if they are on the waitlist. 
  • All cast members who are not wait-listed will be sent an email that includes links to pay their registration fee and to fill out additional information forms. These additional steps must be completed and submitted by Nov. 18th.
  • Wait-listed students will be notified asap if any spots become available.


When are the workshop and auditions? (4th/5th only)

  • There will be a workshop for 4th and 5th graders on Wednesday, November 20th from 2:20-4pm (subject to change) to help the kids familiarize themselves with the musical and prepare for auditions.
    • All 1st-3rd graders will be assigned ensemble roles based on their grade and availability. They do not attend the workshop or the auditions.
  • Auditions are held on two separate days: Tuesday, December 3rd and Thursday, December 5th.
  • The audition process is a chance to get to know all of our 4th and 5th graders, talk to them about their goals and needs, and help us cast them in roles in which they will feel confident. Only those who wish to have solo lines must sing or act by themselves in front of a panel of 2-3 adults at auditions. Those who seek to only be chorus/ensemble need only sing in a small group of peers. Anyone who does not audition will be cast as "ensemble" meaning they don't have solos or lines but sing in the larger group in their assigned scenes.
  • 4th and 5th grade students are not required to attend the workshop but it is highly recommended.


How are role assignments made?

  • All 1st-3rd graders will be assigned ensemble roles based on their grade and availability. They do not attend the workshop or the auditions.
  • The ERPTA Musical Leadership Committee will cast each 4th and 5th grade student in a role based off the following criteria:
    • Strength as a performer
    • Attitude toward learning and teamwork.
    • Availability (i.e., we will do all we can to not assign kids to roles that rehearse on days that a child has indicated they have a conflict).
    • If a child indicates to us that they do not want a spoken or singing role, they will be automatically cast as “4th and 5th grade ensemble”.
  • Not having existing conflicts increases each child’s ability to be optimally cast.
  • To ensure your child can accept their assigned role in the musical, we recommend not planning activities that would create a conflict on one of our three rehearsal days.
  • Role assignments for 1st-5th graders and their assigned rehearsal days will be announced on December 10th.


What are the parent volunteer requirements?

When you accept your child’s role in the cast or stage crew, you are also committing to be a parent volunteer.

  • Parents are required to volunteer a minimum of five (5) hours of their time. There are several ways to volunteer:
    • Be a rehearsal volunteer.
    • Provide production support on performance night.
    • Organize the PTA bake sale, ticket sales, program production, etc.
    • Assist with set building, prop creation, stage set-up or teardown, costume design, make up, etc.
  • A parent or guardian for each child involved in the musical must attend the mandatory Cast, Crew, and Parent meeting in the school library on Thursday, December 12th at 5:30-7:00 pm.
  • A summary of volunteer positions will be sent out prior to the mandatory meeting to give you all a chance to plan ahead to sign up.
  • Volunteer positions will be explained and solicited at the mandatory meeting by each department. After these explanations, parents and guardians will be allowed to ask questions and browse and sign the sign-up sheets. We expect the volunteer requests to all be filled during this meeting so please come ready to commit!
  • Sign-up Genius links will be available on the Musical Website starting in December.


What are the expected costs/contributions for my child’s participation in the Musical?

  • Enrollment Fee:
  • $70: 1st - 3rd grades
  • $80: 4th - 5th grades
  • $20: stage crew (for 4th - 5th grades ONLY)
  • Provide basic costume elements such as undershirts, leggings, solid pants, and shoes.

 These fees must be paid online by November 18th. Inquire with the front office if you seek financial aid.

The registration fee funds the overhead of the musical: purchasing the musical rights, printing production materials, making the costumes, renting the performances venue, paying the WHS tech crew, building and painting the sets & props, printing the programs, and providing a t-shirt and poster for each cast and stage crew member. 

No East Ridge volunteers are paid for their time or talent contributions so please keep in mind that all they do is a gift to you and your children.


What do I need to know about runthroughs and tech week?

  • All runthroughs and dress rehearsals happen between March 9th and March 20th and are mandatory for the full cast and stage crew. PLEASE DO NOT PLAN VACATIONS OR OTHER ACTIVITIES THAT WILL CONFLICT.
  • Runthrough and tech week dates are subject to change based on need, but you should clear your calendars and anticipate your child being available on the following dates.
    • All-cast Runthroughs will be held in the East Ridge Gym the week of March 9th-13th and 16th-19th (which days will be announced later)
    • Our dress rehearsal will be performed for staff and faculty in the East Ridge Gym on March 18th. Parents are not allowed to attend the dress rehearsal.
    • Our stage rehearsals at WHS will be on March 19 and 20th (dates subject to change). Parents are not allowed to attend the stage rehearsals.
    • Cast and crew must perform in both the Saturday and Sunday performances to be eligible to be in the musical. If your child is not able to perform both of those days; please do not register them.
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