East Ridge Programs
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Of Cedar and Salmon     Earth Club NSD Camp Cedar Springs


Of Cedar and Salmon

This is a special week for 4th graders where they learn in depth about local Native American heritage and culture. A special presentation with a guest speaker is given during the day and also one in the evenings for families to attend.

"Of Cedar and Salmon is a multimedia, multicultural, hands on, portable educational program designed to maximize student participation and involvement with the native art and cultures of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Ronn Wilson has been providing this unique serve in a variety of educational venues since 1977, Ronn presents assemblies, school programs, teacher workshops, in service events, campouts, inductions and more for Pacific northwest schools, YMCA, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, Campfire, 4-H, and other civic and private organizations. Of Cedar and Salmon is a non-profit organization serving the U.S. Pacific Northwest corridor."



Information on 2020's program is forthcoming

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