Collaboration.  Communication.  Creative problem-solving.  Critical thinking.  These four skills, known in some education circles as the 4Cs, are the skills necessary for the future and are the hallmarks of innovators.  They are also skills utilized by coders.  As East Ridge looks toward the 2019 Hour of Code during the week of December 9-13, we're excited to engage our students in various Hour of Code activities as yet another example of how Northshore encourages innovation.
This year, our school is excited to once again participate in the Hour of Code.  When students engage in coding activities during the week of December 9, they are immediately curious about how a line of code causes a computer, bot, or robot to respond.  This curiosity motivates them to use creative problem-solving and critical thinking to think through the required logic related to a coding situation.  Coding inherently involves trial and error, and students naturally begin to share their successes with others.  Communicating about coding efforts with peers is the way students share what they learn and support one another as they work on coding projects.
Some awesome news about this year's Hour of Code relates to how the Northshore Schools Foundation is supporting this district-wide endeavor.  Northshore Schools Foundation is:

  • Providing Hour of Code bracelets with the message "I am a collaborator," "I am a communicator," "I am a critical thinker," and "I am creative" to each of our students that participate in Hour of Code activities.
  • Providing Certificates of Participation to each of our students that participate in Hour of Code activities.
  • Providing a coding board game set to any elementary school with 100% student participation.  We’re excited to earn ours!

East Ridge’s Hour of Code activities are scheduled for the week of December 9th. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch with Tiffany Dial,  
We look forward to having you join us!

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