Bullying Prevention Week at East Ridge

October 21-25

East Ridge students are invited to participate in a week-long celebration of upstanders, inclusion, kindness, and empathy. Did you know that when bystanders intervene, bullying stops in 10 seconds 57% of the time? You hold so much power as a bystander! 

  • Monday: Wear Blue to Support the Cause. Commit to being an Upstander today and every day. Sign the poster in your foyer and remember if you see something, say something
  • Tuesday: Introduce Yourself to a Student Whom You Have Never Met.
  • Wednesday: Make kindness go viral with an act of kindness and challenge friends and classmates to do the same!
  • Thursday: Create positive messages and add them to your foyer’s school kindness chain.
  • Friday: Include someone you don’t know well to sit with you on the bus or play with you on the playground.

Bullying prevention is not just limited to this week! Keep this energy going all throughout the year.

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